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Urgent Message

The Cleveland State University (CSU) Police Department has received information from Cuyahoga Community College (CCC) Police in reference to literature being passed out at the both CCC Metro and East campuses regarding a fraudulent program for college students called the College Advantage Program. This should not be confused with the legitimate College Advantage Program. At least three of their students have responded to the information on the flyers and that they provided the people from this organization with their personal information in hopes of receiving financial assistance of $5000. These three students had their bank accounts accessed and approximately $1800 was stolen in the last week.

CSU Police received a similar report from a student claiming she also responded to this organization and provided them with some of her personal information, but her bank account was not compromised. CCC police interviewed three individuals who were passing out this literature on Monday. None were affiliated with CCC or CSU.

CSU Police are advising students to investigate any organization before giving out any personal information.