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Student of Distinction: Francieli Vogel

Student of Distinction Francieli VogelCSU celebrates graduating students who have overcome obstacles, made significant achievements or are fulfilling Cleveland State University's mission in or outside the classroom.

Today, we celebrate Francieli Vogel.

CSU: Have you had any significant Internships/Co-ops/Careers while at CSU?

Yes, both!

I gained valuable work experience during a summer internship in 2023 called the Ohio Export Internship Program. This program focused on supporting small and medium-sized businesses with their international trade endeavors. The college provided us with the necessary training, and we then had the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice during our internships. In my case, the college placed me at LJ Star, a company located in Twinsburg. There, I played a key role in researching and conducting international business operations.

Following the internship’s conclusion, they even offered me a position until I began my current co-op. I am enrolled in a co-operative education program at Emerson, where I hold the Strategic Supply Chain position. In this role, I am actively involved in all aspects of the strategic sourcing process. Working at a global company like Emerson is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and develop.

CSU: How would you describe the connections you have made with the faculty and staff at CSU?

The professors at CSU were instrumental in my success with both the internship and co-op programs. They provided exceptional support outside of the classroom. One even went above and beyond by conducting a practice interview online to boost my confidence in the actual interview. Several others consistently shared information about job openings, through email and in class discussions. This proactive approach to networking proved to be incredibly valuable. Because of these experiences, I strongly recommend taking more in-person classes. The face-to-face interaction fosters stronger connections with professors, which can be hugely beneficial.

CSU: How has Cleveland State inspired you for your future?

CSU inspired me to constantly work and invest in myself and my knowledge. The professors do not just talk about the theory; they brought the real world into the classroom.  Clearly, they cared about our futures, guiding us towards successful careers and pushing us to reach our full potential.

CSU: How do you think you have fulfilled the CSU mission (empowering others, creating knowledge, engaging our community and shaping our world)?

Many people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, struggle to see their full potential. Limited exposure to different realities can make dreams seem out of reach. As an international student from Brazil, from a really small community, I can relate. Studying at an American university felt like an impossible aspiration. My dedication and strong academic record led me to be part of the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Continuing Scholars Program. This prestigious program provides financial, academic support and invaluable leadership and humanities development support.

My journey at CSU has fueled my passion to inspire and empower others from similar backgrounds. I actively volunteer in underprivileged communities, and I try to share my academic life with everyone around me. Education is a transformative force; it unlocks opportunities and empowers individuals, and I try to motivate everyone to pursue their academic life.

I also would like to thank the supply chain department. Initially, I solely focused on an international business major. However, thanks to the inspiring supply chain professors at CSU, my academic journey took an enriching turn. Their passion for the field ignited a desire in me to delve deeper into this fascinating area. As a result, I decided to complement my major by adding a minor in Operations & Supply Chain Management and I am currently working in the same field. 

Congratulations, Francieli!