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Reflections on Holiday Break and the Importance of (Re)discovery

Reflections on Break and the Importance of RediscoveryReflections on Break and the Importance of Rediscovery

By Siddharth Shah, Graduate Assistant, University Marketing & Communications

With Spring Break officially behind us, I want to share some reflections from my own trip home after a year of studying overseas.

Returning to my origins for a vacation was exhilarating, challenging, and even frightening. I have had wonderful experiences that have molded me throughout my study abroad experience, so going home felt like attempting to squeeze back into my favorite clothing, enjoying my mom’s homemade meals and much more. I visited friends and relatives and that was an essential and humbling experience.

The first thing I did was to tell my family about my international adventure. Sharing my experiences with them and talking about the individuals I have met helped them acclimate to my new way of life. This experience made me think that it could be just as difficult for them to relate to me as it is for me to comprehend them. Staying abroad has culture differences, so it’s good to be patient. I ate a lot of homemade food, since I missed my mom’s home-cooked meals while I was away.

I met some childhood friends and my old office colleagues. Reconnecting might deepen your friendship because you have all likely matured and developed new mutual interests. Even if it's only for an afternoon, meeting up over lunch or a few evening beverages might bring you closer to folks you spent most of your formative days with.

I also attended a number of cultural events. Connecting with my native country's culture took me back to my modest origins - after all, these are the customs I have grew up with! This helped me rediscover my passion for my country and reminded me of all the amazing things that my country has. This was my experience returning home for Spring Break and I hope your experience with travel was enjoyable as well.

Let me share some of my ideas on how you can spend your upcoming summer breaks.

  • Attend a cooking or baking class to discover new recipes.
  • Learn a new skill for enjoyment.
  • Spend time with your friends and family.
  • Enroll in some certification courses.
  • Travel with your pals by Taking a road trip to visit other cities and towns.
  • Acquire new life skills.
  • Make the most of your hometown.
  • Obtain a job or an internship.
  • Attend music festivals or concerts in your area.
  • Volunteer for something meaningful.
  • Visit a cultural festival to learn about other cultures and traditions.
  • Visit museums, art galleries, and historical places to learn about local history and culture.

While organizing your summer vacation activities, remember to prioritize your safety and health.

Siddharth Shah is currently pursuing his Master of Information Systems at the Monte Ahuja College of Business at CSU. The specialized STEM degree program is designed to prepare students for careers as information professionals. Shah is from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.