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Promoting Safe Measures at Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University President Sands and Provost Zhu with students outside wearing masks​​​​​​​Cleveland State University has committed to creating a safe environment for students, faculty and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting practices to maintain the health and wellness of those on campus with a new campaign called “Safe Campus CSU.” ​​​​​​​

Last week, CSU President Harlan Sands met up with students and university mascot, Magnus,  for a “Safe Campus CSU” photoshoot.  The “Viking” team posed to demonstrate proper social distancing and how to mask-up on campus.

“I'm proud to lead by example, not just for my own health, but for my friends, classmates, and others who are, or are living with, people at higher risk for a severe case,” shared Connor Mahon. “We all want to be on the other side of this pandemic as soon as possible, and wearing a mask is such an easy action that will help us get there.”

The photos captured will be used to set standards and spread important messages of health and safety throughout the CSU community. Additionally, the photos will be published with CSU’s “Mask-Up Campaign,” which promotes masks and their importance through social media posts and encouragement from all departments of the CSU community.

President Sands tasked the students who participated in the photoshoot with being student ambassadors for the “Safe Campus CSU” campaign, challenging them to uphold safety standards among their peers. “Safe Campus CSU” includes a revamp across campus: hand washing and sanitizing stations, banners and signage reinforcing social distancing and mask usage, protective barriers and limited capacity warnings. 

Cleveland State will continue to create measures that are in the best interest of students, faculty and staff during the pandemic, as well as uphold a commitment to the greatest standards on campus while working together as a Viking community.

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