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New Book Discusses Transformation of Journalism

Professor Richard Perloff highlights societal impact of 21st century media environment

The Dynamics of News, a new book by Cleveland State University Professor Richard M. Perloff, argues that the transformation of journalism in the 21st century has impacted numerous aspects of society including politics, criminal justice, the economy and even what is considered a fact. Understanding these changes and how to operate within this new environment is critical for ensuring the news remains a viable avenue for informing the public and enhancing community dialogue.

"News is not new and biased news dates back centuries. You can even find fake news in the penny press of the 1830s,” says Perloff, who serves as a professor of communication, political science and psychology. “But social media has changed the way factual news reports are viewed and interpreted. This, coupled with President Trump's undemocratic attack on the news media, have left many Americans confused about the nature and importance of facts.”

The book takes readers on a “guided-tour” of the theoretical foundations, history and changing features of the news in modern society. This includes an in-depth discussion of the overarching forces involved in contemporary news gathering,  the current critical economic determinants of the media industry and innovative trends in the future of journalism. Perloff also raises important questions surrounding whether the news perpetuates the status quo or is a force for change in society.

“News and journalism are not synonymous and good reporting and analysis can still succeed even in our fragmented news environment,” Perloff adds. “We need good journalism today, whether in print, on television or through the many exciting online ventures that young journalists are launching.”

The Dynamics of News offers and unflinching look at the foundations, features, flaws and future of a maligned but magnificent institution, journalism,” notes Tim Vos, professor and director of the School of Journalism at Michigan State University. “By offering critical insight into how news turns out the way it does, Perloff helps readers see the limits and importance of the news in today’s evolving information environment.”

The book is published by Routlledge and is available for purchase at