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Meet Levin College Student Ryan Hetrick

What degree are you pursuing?
•B.A., Urban Studies, Cleveland State University (Expected Fall 2020)

Where are you from?
•Cleveland, Ohio

Why Levin? 
I chose Levin because I am from Northern Ohio and the Urban Studies/Urban Planning program at CSU was highly recommended and ranked nationally. I visited the college and was dually impressed by the facilities and the faculty. I made the right choice!

What’s your future? 
It's hard to say what my future is but I know it's bright! I trust that the connections I've made while in the urban program at Levin will provide me with an abundance of open doors and opportunities.

Who or what inspires you? 
Making my community and the world a better place is what inspires me. People who are committed to public service and making their communities stronger and more equitable are those who inspire me the most.

What issues are you passionate about? 
Tackling the issues of climate change, institutionalized racism, creating connected communities, eliminating poverty, and creating vibrant neighborhoods that contribute to bettering the lives of the people who live in them.

What’s your favorite thing about Northeast Ohio?
The people that inhabit it. They are what makes this area great. They are who I'm fighting for.

What’s Northeast Ohio’s best kept secret? 
The people that inhabit it. Their grit, determination, resiliency, pride, and hope is what inspires me every single day. The lake is pretty amazing too!

What’s a big idea you think about? 
The idea that we can live in a world that is actively protecting the planet and creating more environmental and equitable solutions that raise the quality of life for all of its varied inhabitants. That we are saving species of plants and animals instead of losing them.

What’s a good book you’ve read? 
Ecocities. It's about rebuilding cities in balance with nature.  

What’s your favorite Levin memory? 
Working my tail off, getting a 4.0 GPA, and finding out that I got a scholarship shortly thereafter.

What’s your favorite class?  
Probably my favorite class has been Urban Planning with Professor Kastelic.