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Law Library Installs Bird Friendly Film on Entryway Glass

Bird Friendly Glass Photo

The Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library at Cleveland State University has installed a dot pattern film on entryway glass to prevent bird fatalities.

Collisions with buildings are a leading cause of bird fatalities in North America. One study estimated that as many as one billion birds die each year in the United States from building collisions.

A combination of light pollution and reflective building materials confuse migratory birds leading to collisions with buildings. The reflections of trees or clouds can cause birds to misinterpret windows as open areas. Windows with plants behind them can also be problematic as birds mistake them for a safe landing spot.

CSU’s director of sustainability, Jennifer McMillin, worked with local and national bird advocacy organizations including the American Bird Conservancy’s Collisions Campaign Manager, to determine the most appropriate patterns and products for the lobby windows. Both aesthetics and effectiveness were taken into account when selecting the frit pattern that was ultimately used. Vinyl dots spaced two inches apart in a grid pattern will help birds distinguish windows from natural habitat.   

The location to trial the bird deterrent film was selected based on reports from CSU Facilities staff indicating the east entrance to the library was a problem area for bird collisions. Initial reports are promising; even as installation was wrapping up birds were seen veering away from the windows.

Additionally, CSU’s design standards have been updated to encourage design and material selection that mitigates bird-building collisions.