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Health Concerns

To: Faculty, Staff, and Students of Cleveland State University

From: Michael Schwartz, President

Re: Health Concerns

There seems to be some growing anxiety on our campus concerning influenza, and there has been considerable media coverage of the issue as well. I want all of you to know that our administration, the university’s health service, and our safety forces have practiced pandemic drills for many years now; we are prepared for influenza epidemics. We are in direct communication with the CDC, as well as the Ohio, Cuyahoga and Cleveland Departments of Health, and our medical staff is closely monitoring events on the campus.

It is best to use common sense measures in these times: wash your hands frequently and keep some hand sanitizer with you, stay at home when you are sick (on this one, I am begging you to stay at home when ill), and especially remain calm and avoid panic. In a population of more than 300 million people, there are a few hundred confirmed cases of the current flu in the country. That may change quickly, but it hasn’t yet, and we are on top of it.

If any more urgent measures become necessary, the University will inform you immediately.