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'Flying Circus of Physics' Video Series Debuts

Professor Jearl Walker Is Ringmaster of CSU’s New ‘Flying Circus of Physics’ Video Series

Jearl Walker, Ph.D., is up for anything when it comes to getting people excited about physics – even if “anything” means plunging his hand into a saucepan of molten lead.

This Cleveland State University professor does exactly that in the heart-pounding premiere of “The Flying Circus of Physics,” a new CSU video series. Prepare to be amused and amazed – and if you’re not careful, you might actually learn something, too.

The goal of the fast-paced videos is to entertain and to educate viewers, according to Dr. Walker.

“We’re having a lot of fun, but the science behind the fun is the real deal,” he said.

The first episode is titled “The Leidenfrost Effect.” To watch it and to learn more about the series, visit CSU’s ENGAGED blog.