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Emily Halasah is on the cutting edge of health and wellness

Emily Halasah has used her Cleveland State University degree to pave a unique path that has taken her from insurance to the cutting edge of the health and wellness industry.

Halasah graduated from CSU cum laude with a BS in health sciences, a minor in business administration and a certificate in culture, communication, and health. She began her career with the largest health insurance company in the state, Medical Mutual of Ohio, where she worked for three years in Clinical Care Management.

Halasah’s passion for health and wellness drove her to become deeply involved in the community and she was eventually offered a challenging opportunity to serve as director of operations for Restore Health Bar. Restore is a healthy foods chain that specializes in cold pressed juice and super food smoothies. What attracted her to Restore was the company’s dedication to using the highest quality ingredients to provide the best products in the health food market, as well as the commitment to sustainability. Restore recycles all of its glass bottles and uses a compostable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic for carryout items. She joined the company in June of 2018 and has been able to help the fast growing start-up expand from three locations to seven in the last year.

Her work in the insurance and health food industries has also inspired Emily to think deeply about some of the major health issues that many Americans face. It has motivated the development of her next career goal: tackling injustice in healthcare policy, which she hopes to address by pursuing a JD/MBA focused on health policy.