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Dr. Joanne Goodell Prepares Math and Science Teachers

Dr. Joanne Goodell and CSUteach Prepare Tomorrow’s Math and Science Teachers

Joanne Goodell,Ph.D., is a professor of teacher education at Cleveland State University, where her research on the teaching and learning of STEM disciplines has led to the introduction of an innovative teacher preparation program known as CSUteach.

Geared toward math and science majors, the program focuses on STEM project-based learning. CSUteach is the only program of its kind in Ohio.

“In just three years, we’ve doubled the number of math and science teachers completing our program,” Dr. Goodell said. “They have jobs in many innovative schools in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio.”

CSUteach provides prospective teachers with the opportunity to experience teaching in the first class they take, allowing them to decide early on if teaching is a good fit for their skills and interests.

Undergraduate candidates graduate with a degree in math or science as well as their teaching license. CSUteach also has a track for career-change professionals who want to teach math or science.

To watch a Featured Researcher video on Dr. Goodell’s work with CSUteach, visit CSU’s ENGAGED blog.