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CSU Hosts Facial Recognition and Privacy Workshop March 29

The emergence of “smart” or “connected” cities and “smart” policing has presented a tangled web of complex technological, social, political and legal issues. As this technology grows more prevalent within society, so does the need to develop policies and standards regarding the use of these new tools and the data they produce. Hosted by the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, the “Facial Recognition and Privacy Workshop” will examine the concerns raised by the use of facial recognition and other surveillance technologies. 

The workshop will bring together government officials, privacy and civil liberties advocates, and other experts to thoughtfully examine privacy and civil liberty concerns and discuss emerging practices for how the government should best address this new technology. 

The all-day event begins at 7:30 a.m. in the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Moot Court Room. Registration is required but general admission to the workshop is free of charge. 

The day will cover numerous topics, including “Facial Recognition Introduction and Current Applications,” “Privacy and Civil Liberties Concerns and Responses,” “Legislation and Codes of Conduct” and more. 

The wide variety of speakers for the event includes the chief privacy officer of Seattle, a specialist in digital analysis and identification for the Michigan State Police, the senior counsel and director of strategy for the Future of Privacy Forum and the Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission, and a senior researcher for Intel, to only name a few. 

Click here for more information about the agenda, speakers and how to register for the workshop.