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CSU Faculty Promotions and Tenure Announced

CLEVELAND (March 21, 2023) – On Thursday, March 16, Cleveland State University celebrated the scholarly achievements of 25 faculty members when the Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee of the Board of Trustees awarded promotion and tenure. The following awards were conferred:

Promotion to Full Professor

Mark Holtzblatt Accounting/Business Ph.D. 2012/2015

Tak Lam Management/Sports Management/Business Ph.D. 2005

Julia Phillips CASAL/Doctoral Studies/Public Affairs and Education Ph.D. 2013/2017

Stephanie Webster Urban Affairs/Public Affairs and Education Ph.D. 2016

Rongjun Sun Criminology & Sociology/Public Affairs and Education Ph.D. 2007

Michael Baumgartner School of Music/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2017

Kathy Curnow Art & Design/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 1995

Andrew Resnick Physics/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2015

Andrew Slifkin Psychology/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2006

Karen Sotiropoulos History/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2005

Parthasarathy Srinivasan Mathematics & Statistics/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2014

Mamadou Seck School of Social Work/Health Ph.D. 2014

Promotion to Clinical Full Professor

Jane Keehan Physical Therapy/Health DPT 2017

Promotion to Senior Clinical Professor

Doron Kalir Law LL.M. 2012

Carole Heyward Law JD 2007

Pamela Daiker-Middaugh Law JD 2003

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure

Umut Celiker Finance/Business Ph.D. 2017

Benjamin Hoffman Accounting/Business Ph.D. 2019

Weishi Jia Accounting/Business Ph.D. 2017

Fengxia Zhu Marketing/Business Ph.D. 2016

Katherine Clonan-Roy Curriculum & Foundations/Public Affairs and Education Ph.D. 2017

Federico Galetto Mathematics & Statistics/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2018


Sathish Kumar Electrical Engineering & Computer Science/Engineering Ph.D. 2020

John Van Stan Biology, Geology, and Environmental Sciences/Arts & Sciences Ph.D. 2021

Promotion to Librarian

Amanda Goodsett Michael Schwartz Library MS/M.Ed. 2016