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CSU Announces Sixth Annual Startup Vikes Winners

Annual event provides pathways for Cleveland State entrepreneurs

Startup VikesThe sixth annual Startup Vikes event was held Friday, March 22nd through March 24th in the Student Center on the Cleveland State University campus. Startup Vikes successfully awarded the top three companies created during the weekend prizes and cash infusion packages. The winning Startup Vikes businesses that received a cash infusion and prize package (including time at local accelerators) were: NEO Physique, Vol and Wrist Heal.

“We are very proud of all of the businesses developed during Startup Vikes,” said Colette Hart, senior director for the Centers of Outreach and Engagement. “The entire weekend provided pathways for entrepreneurship – one that we hope that all of our teams will pursue after the event at the new Weston Ideation Lab on the Cleveland State camps.” 

“Cleveland State University has been playing a larger role in Cleveland’s entrepreneurship ecosystem,” said Katie Van Dyke, director of the Cleveland State University Small Business Development Center and facilitator of Startup Vikes. “It is exciting to see students from different disciplines with complementary skill sets form teams and help each other to advance their ideas and make connections that can help them continue to advance their business ideas.”

“The level of participation from Cleveland State students, alumni, faculty and staff for made for a great weekend,” added Hart. “The entire weekend demonstrates Cleveland State University’s commitment to deeply practical learning opportunities that engage and enrich the business, technology and legal communities in Northeast Ohio.”

“For the winners and the teams formed, now the real work begins,” added Van Dyke. “Most of the businesses and individuals who participated will now begin refining their business models, either at the Cleveland State SBDC, on campus in the Weston Ideation Lab or at other sponsor accelerators including Start Mart, FlashStarts, JumpStart and LaunchHouse.”

Among the Startup Vikes 60+ Cleveland State student participants were two students from Holy Spirit University in Beirut, Lebanon. More than forty mentors and presenters provided help, guidance and resources throughout the weekend, ranging from strategy to branding, marketing, sales, financial, legal, design services and manufacturing.

Community sponsors of Startup Vikes included the main funder, Burton D. Morgan Foundation, as well as Flashstarts, PickFu, Aladdin’s Eatery, Pepsi, Jumpstart, Inc., CLE Urban Winery, Ohio Small Business Development Centers, LaunchHouse and the Dedinsky Family Foundation.

2019 Startup Vikes Company Overviews

NEO Physique seeks to provide “smart”, motorized exercise equipment that will not only optimize your workout, but will be a safer option, more energy efficient, time efficient, cost effective and take up less space vs. traditional workout equipment.

Vol is an app designed to build communities of service in the digital age. Vol is a platform designed to align potential volunteers with opportunities that can help them acquire marketable skills or volunteer to make their communities a better place.

Wrist Heal is a medical device that will help those with a variety of wrist issues without the use of creams or traditional braces. 

Safety Deposit seeks to eliminate the mystery, increase transparency and remove the contentious process involved in renters’ security deposits for both renters and landlords. The organization’s web-based solution seeks to be the “CarFax” for security deposits.

The Ausome Academy will be a school and daycare center for children on the autism spectrum from ages 2 and a half years old through 2nd grade. The Academy will prepare children on the spectrum and provide a transition into traditional public or private schools.

Limelight seeks to unify networking, casting and crew in the local Cleveland film community through a single online resource for Cleveland area film makers, actors, crew and those allied with the film industry.

Rescroll is the most efficient, environmentally friendly way to produce paper in your home. The DIY paper kit product seeks to provide crafters as well as others interested in recycling in your own home. 

Integrare Products seeks to provide integrity in medical testing and improve the standards in drug and alcohol testing. Their first product is meant to screen for synthethic urine or for individuals using urine that is not their own.

Fashion e-Link is an app that links local designers to people who want to buy their products. They will feature young designers and differentiate themselves from other online sites by offering a number of different services for consumers and designers.

Digital Bites is a themed restaurant seeking to attract gamers, cos-players, comic enthusiasts and others. Gaming has risen over 18% in the last year and this community does seek welcoming experiences to meet others with similar interests.