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C|M|LAW Joins Global Blockchain Consortium

Will help develop legal standards for blockchain use


Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law has become one of the 60 organizations to join the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium through which it will help develop the legal standards that will be needed to address emerging blockchain technology. The effort will build on CSU’s growing leadership in next generation IT innovation that also includes research and educational initiatives focused on the Internet of Things, cybersecurity and eDiscovery.

“C|M|LAW and CSU have long been regional leaders in developing the next generation standards, laws and policies that are needed to address emerging technological innovation,” says Lee Fisher, dean of Cleveland-Marshall. “Through this new partnership we will be able to assist Northeast Ohio and communities across the nation in taking advantage of blockchain innovations to enhance economic and societal growth.”

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium comprises Fortune 500 companies, law firms, software firms, and universities that have joined together to develop standards to govern the use of blockchain technology in the legal sector. The Consortium focuses on data integrity and authenticity, data privacy and security, interoperability, and the use of blockchain to fortify and augment existing legal technology investments.

C|M|LAW will provide the Consortium with expertise on the educational and professional development initiatives that will be required to enhance blockchain use and standards development. The Consortium will also work with the Law School’s Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection to advance understanding of the legal and policy changes that will be required to better implement blockchain innovations in government and industry.

Jay Hull, Strategy and Operations of GLBC, stated: “We are excited to have Cleveland–Marshall College of Law participate in the GLBC. Their involvement will be a great resource for the GLBC and its members. Collaboration from universities is essential to understand and develop blockchain solutions for the legal industry.”