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2022 StartUp Vikes Winners Crowned After Weekend Immersion

Providing Pathways for CSU Student EntrepreneursStartUp Vikes: Providing pathways for CSU student entrepreneurs! CSU President Laura Bloomberg takes us inside the excitement in her latest installment of "CSU Matters"

The ninth Startup Vikes competition was held Thursday, November 17th through Saturday, November 19th in Monte Ahuja Hall (Business building) and the Roberta Steinbacher Atrium (Levin College of Education & Public Affairs building) on the Cleveland State University campus.

The event was a resounding success for the Monte Ahuja College of Business and organizers successfully awarded prizes and cash infusion packages to the top three (3) companies created during the weekend. A People's Choice award winner was crowned as well. Engaged Learning takes tenacity and these students pulled together amazing concepts - ideas which organizers hope outlive the event and continue to grow. 

The winning businesses that received a cash infusion and prize package are here... but don't miss out on Dr. Bloomberg's behind-the-scenes look at the long-running entrepreneurial vehicle for Vikes: