Office of Graduation Success Coaching

Coach Spotlight

Megan MukengeMegan Mukenge

Megan Mukenge is one of the newest members of the Graduation Coaching team. She works with a cohort of students to provide mentoring support, academic and career guidance and connections to additional resources on campus. More generally she serves as a personal guide to help new members of the CSU community find their way and succeed.

“Most of the students I work with are the first in their families to attend college and have limited experience with navigating a university environment,” she says. “Through my role I hope to make the transition to college easier and help my students develop the study habits, social skills and connections they will need to move successfully to graduation and a rewarding career.”

Mukenge graduated from the University of North Carolina and previously worked as a program coordinator to implement a comprehensive health education program for high school students, working one-on-one with individuals to provide ongoing mentoring and guidance to help them accomplish their goals. When an opportunity opened up at CSU, she jumped at the chance to work with college students and further expand the success coaching model.

“CSU’s coaching program is unique in that it targets students who might need more assistance and provides that support up front from day one, as opposed to waiting until a student experiences a problem and then stepping in,” she adds.

Mukenge also gets the opportunity to work with the team to enhance the support they can provide, expand connections with other student success resources both on and off campus and ultimately increase the number of students they can reach.

“I truly love my job and am really excited to have the opportunity to help further develop the program and provide additional value to our students and the campus as a whole.”