Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services


The Division of Enrollment Services is committed to providing outstanding services to students and the wider campus community by developing and maintaining collaborative relationships and utilizing a series of highly integrated information systems and a robust reporting environment to achieve the following goals:

  • To attract, admit, enroll, retain and graduate an optimal student body for Cleveland State University, in accordance with academic policies and initiatives and campus priorities to fulfill the University’s mission;
  • To manage a campus schedule of course offerings; to register students; maintain the permanent academic records; issue transcripts, grades, certifications and diplomas;
  • To administer federal, state and institutional financial aid and scholarship programs;
  • To provide information and services to students and families about post-secondary education options;
  • To facilitate the development, implementation and monitoring of academic policies, practices and procedures and to assist in implementing such policies in order to meet the University’s goals;
  • To play a leadership role in the development, implementation, maintenance, and assessment of effectiveness/efficiency of student information systems.


Our enrollment success is predicated on our ability to serve. We intend to exceed expectations of those we serve by:

  • Removing unnecessary barriers to students
  • Reviewing all policies and procedures on a regular basis
  • Adopting a “first in the mailbox” approach when responding to student requests
  • Providing accurate and timely information
  • Anticipating student needs
  • Simplifying, simplifying, simplifying
  • Shifting roles from regulators to educators
  • Facilitating student mastery of enrollment processes
  • Providing convenient services
  • Identifying and solving system problems
  • Creating a culture that values service and fosters mutual respect between staff and those they serve.