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SI/SR Lab Renovations

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Scope of Work: The University's Science Building (SI) was built in 1969.  Interior renovations will consist of new collaborative learning environments, repurposing existing space in the current building to build open, flexible, interactive learning environments for Physics and Biology.  The proposed renovations include multi-functional classroom and laboratory space. The intent of the interior renovations will be to address areas on 3 floors of SI.  The proposed project is envisioned to encompass approximately 16,670 asf (assignable square feet) of renovated area including a 1st floor physics lab, 2nd & 3rd floor biology labs and a new Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab on the 2nd floor of Science Research (SR). The scope includes:

  1. Reconfiguration of existing space (walls, ceilings, circulation, building systems)
  2. Upgrade equipment to state of the art technology
  3. Modernization of safety systems for code compliance

The work will also address replacement of aging and failing infrastructure and systems that coincide with the reorganization of program spaces.

Project Cost: $6.5 M

Architect:  AECOM

CMR:  Turner Construction

Project Schedule

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