University Architect

RT Restroom Upgrades


Scope of Work:  Cleveland State University’s Rhodes Tower was originally constructed between1968-71.  Rhodes Tower was and remains CSU's main focal point on campus and it edges the "downtown" of the Cleveland skyline to the east. In addition, the tower sits at almost the exact geographic center of the campus and is used as a reference point when guiding students and visitors. The tower building sits high above street level and the CSU Library is housed within the first 8 floors. The top floors are used for college administration offices.

In 2001, CSU commenced a major renovation of the exterior of the tower. There have been pockets of interior renovation and conversion of spaces to address electronic and digital needs of the university. However, the restrooms have, for the most part, not been renovated. These are some of the most heavily used facilities on campus. The library, in particular, has heavy patronage during the school year. There are 47 restrooms in the tower. Actual numbers of restrooms to be renovated during phase one are TBD.  The Universtiy received state appropriation from the FY19-FY20 capital bill to fund this project.

Project Cost:  $1,150,000

Architect:  Weber Murphy Fox


Anticipated Completion:  August 2019 (Phase 1)