Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review

All academic programs at Cleveland State University undergo a comprehensive review process every five to seven years. Program reviews are necessary to ensure that CSU maintains accreditation and authorization with the Higher Learning Commission and Ohio Board of Regents. Periodic reviews also contribute to internal decision-making, by allowing departments, colleges, and the university to assess program strengths and weaknesses, prioritize resources, address weaknesses, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

The material contained in the documents linked below is intended to provide general information about the process, timeline, and outcomes for all constituents. In addition, specific guidelines on self-studies, selection of external reviewers, and site visits is provided for those programs/units participating in the process, or who anticipate doing so.

For additional information, or to get answers to questions not addressed here, please contact Instructional Excellence at (216) 687.4700; or contact Vice Provost Debbie K. Jackson or Academiuc Program Quality Coordinator Patricia Lyons.

Academic Program Review: General Information

The program review usually focuses on a single department or program, although multiple departments/programs may be reviewed together. The process takes place over the course of an academic year, and consists of several different phases:

  • A self-study, written by the department/program faculty
  • A review of the self-study and in-person meetings with administrators, students, faculty, and other constituents by a Program Review Committee consisting of external and internal representatives
  • A comprehensive report and recommendations prepared by the Program Review Committee
  • Responses to the report and recommendations from the department/program chair or director and the college dean
  • A final meeting between senior administration, the dean, and the program leadership to develop an action plan for addressing recommendations arising from the review.

Further information can be found in the links below:

  • Academic Program Review Roles and Responsibilities  word logo     PDF logo
  • Academic Program Review Charge to Committe  word logo     PDF logo
  • Academic Program Review Schedules:
    • Multi-year Schedule by College  word logo    PDF logo
  • Overview of Timeline and Process word logo     PDF logo
  • Program Review Administrative Team word logo     PDF logo

Academic Program Review: Information for Units Undergoing Review

The department/program undergoing review produces the key document for a successful program review: a self-study assessing strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities across all dimensions of the program -- faculty and staff, students, curriculum, relationships with internal and external constituents, and resources.

Detailed information on preparation of self-studies is provided below. Additional information, including an overview of data resources available from Institutional Research, will be provided to programs at the start of the process.

  • Self-study Team Selectionword logo     PDF logo
  • External Review Nomination word logo     PDF logo
  • Writing the Self-study Report:
    • Traditional Self-study word logo     PDF logo
    • Common Theme Self-study word logo     PDF logo
    • Special Emphasis Self-study word logo     PDF logo
    • Sample Site Visit Itinerary word logo     PDF logo

Academic Program Review: Commonly Requested Data Dashboard

The data presented in the dashboard linked here represents the most common data that has been requested of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) by departments undergoing the Program Review process. Questions about the data, or requests for additional data, should be directed to Debbie Geil (