Undergraduate Exploratory Advising Office


Welcome to the Exploratory Advising Office!

Making a decision about your academic major is an important and not always easy task. It is not unusual for students to enter college without an intended academic major, or for students to change their intended major during the course of their undergraduate career.

The Exploratory Advising Office provides academic advising and academic support services for students who are undecided about their academic major or academic plan, and students who do not immediately meet the academic requirements for admission directly into the academic college of their choice.

Exploratory Advising Services, Support and Resources

Students who are advised in the Exploratory Advising Office can expect to receive a variety of services and support to assist them in their search and ultimate selection of an appropriate academic major which encompasses their academic interests, skills, and goals. Those services and resources include:

  • Individual attention – all students are assigned to a specific academic advisor who will work with them one-on-one
  • Utilization of different assessment tools and inventories that aid students in defining their skills and interests as they relate to academic majors and potential career paths
  • Development of an individualized exploration plan that helps students clarify their choice of an academic major
  • Assistance in course selection and registration as well as learning about University and college academic requirements
  • Monitoring of student academic progress through outreach, intervention, and follow-up

Once a student makes a decision about his/her academic major and meets the College academic requirements, the Exploratory Advising Office will help facilitate the smooth transition of the student to the appropriate College Advising Office.