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ENGLISH 100 Workshops - ONLINE!

You can complete the 3 workshops online at the following links. (Note: you might have to install a plug-in to watch these - it takes 5 seconds to do so.) 

Homework is embedded into the lectures-when you have completed the homework for each lecture, bring it to the Writing Center and have a tutor record your completion. Please feel free to start scheduling individual tutorials when you drop off your homework: you can schedule ONLINE in STARFISH.    Please complete all workshops by mid-semester.

MBTI Online Lecture:

Reading Online Lecture:

Time Management Online Lecture:



Day, Time, Place

Topics in Academic Writing Style and Links to Online Lectures

Thurs. Feb. 23 11:30      Writing Center

Studying Academic Style

Thurs. Mar. 9  11:30      Writing Center


Thurs. Mar. 23 11:30      Writing Center

Diagramming Sentences

Thurs. Apr. 6  11:30       Writing Center

Paraphrasing to Avoid Plagiarizing

Thurs. Apr. 20  11:30     Writing Center

Punctuating Academic Writing


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