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CSU Mayan Archaeologist Available to Debunk 2012 Armageddon Myth

Professor argues that Mayan myth was perpetuated for profit

Cleveland State University Professor Dr. Peter Dunham is a leading
archaeologist who has spent much of his career studying Mayan culture and
deciphering ancient Mayan inscriptions.

Dr. Dunham specializes in the rise and fall of early civilizations, in
particular the ancient Maya. His interests include prehistoric ecology,
astronomy, and calendrics. His field research in the Maya Mountains of
Belize was supported by multiple major grants from the National Geographic
Society. His Ancient Mysteries course (ANT 275) is one of the most popular
at Cleveland State, where he debunks many of the extreme claims that have
been made about the human past, including the 2012 phenomenon. He also
explores why people both invent and embrace such misrepresentations,
analyzing the agendas behind them.

Dr. Peter Dunham can be reached at:
(216) 732-8699