Office of Internal Audit

Office of Internal Audit

The Board of Trustees of Cleveland State University created the Office of Internal Audit in 1981. It is the policy of the University to continue to support an internal auditing office as a staff function and as an independent appraisal function to examine and evaluate University business or administrative activities as a service to management and the Board of Trustees. The Office of Internal Audit reports functionally to the Chief Compliance Officer (Office of General Counsel), and has direct access to the President and Board of Trustees as necessary.

The primary objectives of the Office of Internal Audit are to assist management in all levels of the University and members of the Board of Trustees in the effective discharge of their duties and to bring “a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance procedures”. (IIA International Standards) When consulted, the Office of Internal Audit provides an independent internal control device through which University management is assured of the extent to which its

  • operational plans and budgets are carried out efficiently and effectively,
  • policies and procedures are observed,
  • standards of performance are effective, and
  • records and reports are reliable (data integrity).

To this end, internal auditing will furnish management with analyses, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed.

2014 Dept of Audits Annual Report