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Laverne Cox Virtual Q & A

In honor of Trans Day of Visibility and Women's History Month, Cleveland State University LGBTQ+ Student Services Center and Mareyjoyce Green Women's Center present... a virtual Q&A with LAVERNE COX!

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​​​​​​​Why I Talk About Feminism on First Dates 

“I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to meet someone,” I said to my friends one day. But one of my friends quickly told me exactly why: it was because I expected too much from men. I even expected them to be feminists.

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History of Women’s History Month Video 

Learn about the origins of women’s history month and international women’s day and the women who made it possible.

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When Women Don’t Speak: What it Takes for Women to be Heard

Drs. Jessica Preece and Christopher Karpowitz will present on their groundbreaking research that shows what it takes for a woman to truly be heard. After years spent analyzing lab and real-life settings to determine what it takes for a woman to truly be perceived as competent and influential, they discovered that for women, having a seat at the table does not mean having a voice. They will discuss their research that has found that women are systematically seen as less authoritative and that their influence is systematically lower. And when they speak up, they are interrupted and not listened to as much. So, what can be done? 

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​​​​​​​A Seat at The Table 

Women make up 57% of the US workforce.  And yet, women only comprise 30% of all US computing and technology related positions.  But, when women have a seat at the table, and are an active part of a discussion, businesses experience “radical innovation.” This event celebrates the role of women in technology while also exploring the future of women.  It will equip them with actionable tools to make their voices heard in the professional field.  Because a women’s place, it’s at the table. Now, pull up a seat.

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10 Talks by Women That Everyone Should Watch 

Color bravery. A headset for brainwaves. His/hers healthcare. 10 big, bold talks from female speakers.

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International Women’s Coffee Hour

Wednesdays from 3:30-4:00 PM

A time for international women and their allies to meet others and talk about what matters to them. A great chance to practice language skills while making new friends. Email for more information or send us your name and CSU ID number to register and  receive the Zoom link. 

Superhero Support Hour (Student Parents)

Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 PM

Student, Mom, Teacher, Chef, Healer, Chauffer, Breadwinner, SUPERHERO! It's a lot, we get it. Come spend some time with other students who are Moms trying to do it all, just like you. A time to exhale, laugh, meet others, feel understood. Email for more information or send us your name and CSU ID number to register and  receive the Zoom link. 


A brief video of over 60 women from all walks of life for UNLADYLIKE2020 — leaders in diverse professions nationwide, including activists, politicians, scientists, athletes, and artists. Watch this video to learn what they said when we asked: “What does the word unladylike mean to you?”

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Matriots Paid Internship Info

The Matriots is an Ohio nonpartisan political action committee founded in May of 2017 by a group of women who participated in the Women’s March on Washington. For more information, visit:

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Chief Glass Ceiling Breaker

Art project about Kamala Harris, the first woman, first Black person, and first Indian-American Vice President of the United States of America. 

Girlhood (It’s Complicated)

Girlhood (It’s complicated) commemorates the anniversary of woman suffrage by exploring the concept of girlhood in the United States, but also how girls changed history in five areas: politics, education, work, health, and fashion. 

History of Women's History Month

Travel through time in this short video about the origins of Women's History Month and the women who made it possible.

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Building the Future: Bold Policies for a Gender-Equitable Recovery

This report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research provides a framework for shared prosperity and equitable economic recovery. “It examines the impact of the economic crisis and recession on working women, their families, and communities. It provides a blueprint for a gender-equitable recovery that is not only about meeting the immediate economic needs of women and families but lays out a long-term strategy for creating stronger systems and institutions that reflect the experiences and contributions of women in the workforce, in society, and to their families.” -IWPR.  

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Deeper in Debt: Women & Student Loans

Women hold nearly two-thirds of America’s entire student loan debt and take about two years longer than men to repay student loans. Most women face a gender pay gap right out of college, which makes it even harder to pay off their larger share of student debt. Making saving for retirement, buying a home, or starting a business that much more difficult to achieve.  

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NWHM: Postcards from Isolation

You are not alone! The NWHM collected various interactive experiences that represent the social and cultural shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This exhibit is interactive and can be shared and viewed with the whole family! 

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One Woman's Campaign to create a Feminist Internet 

How does ensuring the safety of women online help break down gender barriers in technology? Jac sm Kee discusses various ways that the Association for Progressive Communication’s (APC) Women’s Rights Programme have addressed public policy on women in technology.

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The Internationa Women’s Air and Space Museum is located WHERE?! 
This little gem of a museum is located just five minutes from CSU. It’s a great little side trip as well as resource for research. Admission is free. Looking for volunteer or internship in archiving, special events or marketing? They are looking for you, too! As an added bonus, the new Executive Director has a degree in Women & Gender Studies!  

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Barriers & Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership 

Too many glass ceilings remain unbroken. "There is no shortage of qualified women to fill leadership roles: Women make up almost half of the U.S. labor force. They outnumber men in earning bachelor's and master's degrees and are nearly on par in getting medical and legal degrees. Yet from corporate boardrooms to Congress, from health-care companies to the courts, from non-profit organizations to universities, men are far more likely than women to rise to the highest paying and most prestigious leadership roles." -AAUW. 

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Madam Vice President: What Vice President Kamala Harris Means for Women in Politics

On Saturday, November 7th, the world changed for a whole generation of women and girls. Check out this article by The Representation Project that breaks down the impact of the first Black, first Asian, and first women to become the Vice President of the United States.  

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History of WARN: Women of All Red Nations

In honor of National American Indian Heritage Month educate yourself on the history of the Women of All Red Nations (WARN). “WARN is an activist group founded in 1974 that grew out of the American Indian Movement (AIM).” WARN was pivotal in bringing attention to issues impacting Native American women and was established by Lorelei DeCora Means, Modonna Thunderhawk, Phyllis Young, and Janet McCloud. 

Ted Talk: What We Can Learn From the History of Feminism

“In a short but powerful talk, Dolores Huerta – one of the most influential labor leaders and civil rights activists of recent memory – poses questions about how to build a more just society, and suggests we turn to feminism and radical empathy for the answers.” - Ted Talk. This discussion is only 6 minutes long and FREE to watch.

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National Women’s History Museum: Game Changers Women and Sports

Sports are integral to American national identity, but women and men have had very different experiences when it comes to sports participation. The NWHM’s Game Changer exhibit explores the cultural, political, and social barriers women have overcome to play competitive sports.  

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NWHM Presents! Maria Tallchief: America’s Prima Ballerina 

In honor of National American Indian Heritage Month the NWHM has a virtual exhibit available now featuring Maria Tallchief. Tallchief was the first Native American to be considered the United States' first true prima ballerina. One of her best-known roles was as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker. Despite the hurdles she had to overcome she accomplished a lot, even performing at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in 1960, making her the first American to do so! 

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National Women’s History Museum Presents: Fab Five, Five Native American Women

Biographies of the Fab Five showcases women who have made and continue to make history but have traditionally been overlooked. During this National American Indian Heritage Month, the NWHM celebrates Five Native American Women who have, and are, fighting for Native American rights, challenged stereotypes, and created new opportunities for their communities. ​​​​​​​

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​​​Western Reserve Historical Society: The History of Women in Cleveland 

Browse this collection of manuscripts and photographs that showcases the contribution of women in the early settlement of the Western Reserve. These collections document the lives of professional women, the contributions of female judges, attorneys, nurses, social workers, homemakers in the Civil Rights Movement, the Equal Rights Movement, and reproductive health. The changes in home life, marriage, and gender roles in the Western Reserve is highlighted throughout.  

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Western Reserve Historical Society Then & Now: Voting Rights for Women

The WRHS highlights Lethia Fleming who fought for a resolution to voting conditions for African American women in the south. Fleming attended and spoke at the League of Women Voters 2nd annual convention held in Greater Cleveland, where she demanded that the women’s suffrage movement take African American women seriously. She even ran for her husband’s city council seat in Cleveland after he was imprisoned.

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National Women’s History Museum needs Volunteers!

The NWHM has volunteer opportunities available. Volunteers are an integral part of the National Women’s History Museum and help to further the organization’s mission. 

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National Women’s History Museum: First but Not the Last

We have seen an unprecedented number of women running for office in recent years. The NWHM’s virtual exhibit showcases women who have fought to claim their space in politics from Victoria Claflin Woodhill, the first woman to run for president, to Hillary Clinton, the most recent woman who ran for president. 

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Western Reserve Historical Society, Then & Now: Ida B. Wells

The WRHS highlights Ida B. Wells in this week’s Then & Now article. Wells was a trailblazer in the Roaring 20’s, making her impact as a journalist, educator, author, suffragist, clubwoman, social reformer, leader in the anti-lynching movement, wife and mother!  

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13 Famous Women from Ohio You Should Know!

​​​​​​​“Ohio women are famous for all kinds of accomplishments. Famed actresses Halle Berry and Doris Day hail from the Buckeye State. So does renowned author Toni Morrison, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson. Jerrie Mock, the first women to fly a plane by herself around the globe.” 

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