The Mareyjoyce Green Women's Center

Fall '20 Recorded Programs

The Greatest Lie Ever Told?
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Ever wonder if your relationship might be unhealthy? Sticks and stones might break my bones but words can never hurt me- it just might be the greatest lie ever told. Watch this recorded event featuring the Journey Center for Safety & Healing (previously known as Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center) and the Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center to learn indicators of unhealthy relationships and what to do if you (or someone you know) are already in one. A HUGE thank you to Megan Gergen at the Journey Center for Safety & Healing for presenting!  ​​​​​​​

What If Mom Went Back to School?
The Effects for Both Generations When Mothers Return to School
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Check out this recorded session from our sister-center at Ohio State University. This presentation is in collaboration with The National Center for Student Parent Programs (

​​​​​​​Why Don't Men Take the Pill? - World Contraception Day 2020
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Why are there no long-acting contraceptives for men? Would they take them if there were?  Dr. Sonya Charles shares results of recent studies about men & contraceptives. Plus, learn where to access factual, judgment-free information on many birth control options.

NWHM Presents: Women Pioneers of Computer Programming
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Field Trip! Watch this recorded program from NWHM about the 6 women mathematicians who were hired by the US Army in 1943 to set up and operate the Army’s newest top-secret weapon in World War II. This weapon was called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) and was the first of its kind. These women figured out how to wire the ENIAC to complete 300 multiplications per second, again unheard of at this time! 

Western Reserve Historical Society: Women and Politics
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​​​​​​​“Presented by PNC and WRHS in collaboration with the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland, Women and Politics traces the story of women’s empowerment, exploring the early days of the suffragist movement, the successful fight for the 19th Amendment, the birth and growth of the League of Women Voters as a force for clean government and the election of northern Ohio women to positions of power on the local, state and national levels.”-WRHS 

Building Sustainable Parent Student Support
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Watch this recorded presentation brought to you by our sister-center at The Ohio State University featuring Portia Polk, Director of Learning and Advocacy at Generation Hope, and Lindsey Reichlin Cruse, Study Director at Institute for Women’s Policy Research as they discuss post-pandemic strategies for building sustainable parent student support programs.