West Center

Academic Programs

Cleveland State University is pleased to offer academic programming at West Center. As on Main Campus, West Center is fully committed to academic excellence and student success.


Diversity Management Specialization Masters of PsychologyImage for our DMP program

The first and only program in the country combining cultural competence with leadership development.

This signature program exposes mid-career adults to the latest research and best practices through engaging instruction and insightful guidance, integrating cross cultural knowledge with focused leadership development. Graduates leave the program with the knowledge and abilities necessary to successfully impact a diverse and continuously changing work environment.

See how an almuna of this educational program is now "Making Cities “Future Proof”


Exceptional leadership is not a haphazard process. Come learn with us and increase your leadership value.
Develop the following culturally intelligent leadership competencies:
  • Global cultural skills

  • Executive presence 

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Effective conflict management

  • Enhanced social awareness

  • Leadership versatility

  • Capacity to cope with ambiguity

Learn how to: 
  • Lead change successfuly 
  • Transform resistance into readiness
  • Use team conflict to create team advantage
  • Understand the influence of culture on team performance
  • Create work climates that increase engagement and improve productivity
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion to drive innovation
  • Engage in multi directional strategic management

For more information on this graduate program, please call (216-687-2587) or email (diversityprogram@csuohio.edu).