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Safety Services

Campus Safety and Security

CSU is committed to providing a safe and healthy campus for all members of the University community.

The University has its own police force and also uses security officers to provide additional coverage through foot-patrols. It has also incorporated a proprietary high-end mechanical key system, electronic card-access system, state-of-the-art optical turnstiles, alarm systems, emergency blue-light phones, two emergency mass notification systems, advanced fire alarm systems and is approaching 1,000 video surveillance cameras. Prevention and preparedness are strong-holds of the Campus Safety division, which includes environmental health and safety efforts.

For an emergency, call CSU Police by dialing 9-1-1 on any campus phone or utilize an emergency blue-light phone station. 

You may also utilize the freeRave Guardian mobile app to notify authorities in case of an emergency.

CSU is the first campus in the nation to integrate this new smartphone app to its collection of advanced student-safety technologies. The free app allows users to instantly notify campus police of a potential threat, and in the process the app transmits the user’s precise location and personal data back to police. Learn more about the Rave Guardian app. 

The University has a staff of 23 full-time accredited and armed police officers. In addition, our Police Department works diligently with outside agencies – including the Cleveland Police Department – to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus. The University has also added a patrol of police on horseback and a K9, named Rex, to the Campus Police Department.

The University has also strengthened its life-safety program with an emergency voice communication system that is a national model for campus-wide notification of critical and timely information. The emergency mass notification system enables CSU to send out emergency messages to telephones, cell phones, email, text messages, satellite telephones and pagers. The system announces major events such as campus closings.

The CSU Police Department has implemented many other safety programs to assist in the protection of our students, faculty and staff. Review additional information about our safety initiatives.



Increase your safety and security when walking on campus! Consider using of the CSU Police Department’s Campus Escort Service. This free service is dispatched on individual request to escort parkers to and from their vehicles 24/7. For this service please call 216.687.2020.