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Veteran Student Success Program

VSSP logoThe Veteran Student Success Program (VSSP) is a VMSC program led by a professional Graduate Assistant and is dedicated to our student-veterans success. The VSSP Advising Staff aids with creating action plans, learning plans, and referrals to other services. VSSP advisers work directly under the VSSP lead and provide direct and indirect assistance to students. We like to say, “If you are having an issue in classes but are unsure of exactly where to go or the best way to solve the problem then WE are the people to go to!” Send us an email at to make an appointment with one of our advisors and let us help you figure out a plan! 

Direct assistance may consist of checking in with students on variable frequency, creating and implementing action plans and SMART goals, follow ups on an individual basis, and making referrals when necessary. When making referrals, students should be directly connected to a specific person or office by the adviser in order to ensure that the referral was used, essentially a “warm handoff.”  

Indirect assistance includes assisting with program development such as academic or therapeutic workshops throughout the year that provide an educational & interactive experience for students following a monthly theme. Other programs include planning specific events (symposiums, homecoming/orientation, Veterans Day).