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Veteran/Military Orientation

LZ 53 - Landing Zone 53


You did it in the service: checking-in or Indoc.  Before you began serving in your new billet you were handed a checklist that by the time you had completed it you knew where everything on your ship or base was, your records were up to date, and you knew who to go to with questions and concerns.  We do the same thing at Cleveland State University.  When you come to Cleveland State University we make sure you know what services are available to you within the university, where those services are located and how to access them.  We also make sure you know what services are available to you through the VA and where all VA services are throughout northeast Ohio. At CSU you don’t have to figure it out for yourself.  Whether you served, are serving or are military family, our goal is to help you access all the tools and programs to help you succeed at Cleveland State University and in your life. 




INDOC is a three hour program presented to small groups by veterans already attending CSU – it’s a vet-to-vet program.  Presented in our 4,000 square foot Veteran & Military Resource Center, you will be briefed on topics that include:

  • Veteran & Military Specific
  • VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) – you will know all you need for the GI Bill and other VA benefits.
  • Certification – what is it and what is the certifying process (we make it very easy at CSU)
  • Ohio National Guard Scholarship – NG units are supposed to take care of this but we know how to assist.
  • Medical benefits – are you using everything available and useful to you?  Are you sure?
  • Disability process – we can point you in the right direction
  • VA facilities in Northeast Ohio – is Louis Stokes VAMC the only place to receive services?  We have a wealth of CBOCs and VetCenters in our region – get to know their services & locations.
  • Are you registered with the VA?  Why do you even need to do that?  We answer that question & help you register.
  • What about Ohio’s Veteran Service Commission (every county has one) – what are their services & where are they in our region?  How do they differ from Veteran Service Organizations – and what services do VSOs provide?
  • Looking for a p/t job while at CSU?  We can hook you up with the veterans program of the Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services.
  • CSU policy on missing classes for IDT, ADT and mobilization (it’s military friendly)

How about Cleveland State University itself?

  • CSU services include Disability Services, Counseling, Recreation Center (it’s free), Health & Wellness (it’s more than just a clinic), tutoring . . . and more.  How can they be a help for you?

The Veteran Student Success Program

  • Vet-vet tutoring (trained tutors)
  • Mentoring - you have a question, concerns, etc., you have another vet to call on
  • Viking Vets chapter of the Student Veterans of America. 
  • Other academic assistance such as helping you find the academic major best for you if you begin as an undeclared major.
  • A 4,000 square foot Veteran & Military Resource Center that includes:
    • A large Dayroom
    • Large dedicated academic suite including a computer room, tutoring room and quiet study
    • Activities room (we like yoga & tai chi here)
    • A kitchen (the coffee is always on)
    • A student staff space
    • When you arrive we have a front desk manned by a vet who can take care of most of your questions or find where to get the answers. 
  • Most of all, you’ll be joining over 550 veterans already attending CSU.  Our focus here is on your learning and academic success.  No matter what branch you served or are serving in, no matter the nature of your duty, no matter your AFSC/MOS/Rating, no matter your rank, no matter your gender or sexual orientation . . . all that matters to us is that you served, are serving or as family served in your own way.

Will you remember all of what we present?  We hope so (but do you remember everything you heard at TAPS)  but at very least you will know where to ask the questions & get the answers and know that you are a member of a very unique community of students. 

How to attend:  You will receive an invitation along with how to RSVP for the semester you plan to begin your studies at Cleveland State University.

All of us look forward to having you join the veterans, serving personnel and military family attending Cleveland State University.