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Viking Vets Graduates

Undergraduate, Graduate, Law

Cleveland State University is comprised of eleven colleges and veterans are enrolled in programs in all of them.  At any time approximately 75% of the veterans are pursuing undergraduate degrees with the remaining pursuing graduate or professional degrees.  Our colleges are:

Veteran Undergraduates

Already know what you want to study?  Chances are you will find it at Cleveland State.  And if you haven’t made up your mind yet, we offer a world of possibilities to explore and in the Veteran Student Success Program we have the people to guide you in your exploration.  You’re sure to find the major that suits your interests, talents, and goals:

Veteran Graduate Students

As a prospective graduate student, whether for your master’s or doctorate, you probably have a good idea of what you are going to study.  Two tables linked here will help you determine if we offer that area of study at the graduate level and what that particular program of study entails, and what the admission requirement are for each graduate degree

General info on graduate majors:

Detailed info on graduate majors:

Information about Graduate Studies:

Veteran Law Students

Whether you are beginning your legal studies leading to a J.D. degree, are continuing your legal studies with an LL.M, or are not a lawyer but are interested in legal studies, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law is the place to study law in northeast Ohio.  You can get information on all of our programs at this link: