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Vikingcash - Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Cash withdrawals cannot be made from Vikingcash accounts. Vikingcash balances are non-refundable or transferable unless the following conditions are met:

    Immediate transfer of the remaining value from a damaged card to a new card will be made. The damaged card must be relinquished to the card office before re-issuance of a new card.
  • LOST or STOLEN CARDS:When a Viking Card is reported missing, it is deactivated and the account is frozen. After the re-issuance of a replacement Viking Card, any account value is transferred to the new card. If a lost or stolen card is found after re-issuance it cannot be re-activated. Please refer to the Disclosure Statement on the bottom of this form
    Balances of $10.00 or more will be automatically refunded when an individual officially withdraws from CSU, graduates or terminates employment.Student accounts will be credited after 9 months of inactivity. Employee refunds will be effective within 30 days of the official separation notice. For immediate refunds, cardholders may submit a Refund Application form to the Viking Card Office and present proof of separation from CSU. Refunds are subject to an administrative fee.
  1. Vikingcash balances: Balances remain in a Viking Card account and may be used anytime for purchases from semester to semester and year to year while active at Cleveland State University.
  2. Lost and stolen cards: Cardholders have the responsibility for reporting lost, stolen, or damaged cards in a timely fashion to the Viking Card Office at 216-875-9888 or via the Online Card Office link located on The card is immediately deactivated and the funds are instantly protected against unauthorized use. An applicable card replacement fee for cardholders is payable at the time of re-issuance at the Cashier’s Office in the Berkman Hall building room 114.
  3. Vikingcash Statements: The University will provide statements detailing account activity upon request.  Requests are to be made at the Viking Card Office BH 112 in person.  A complete record of your Vikingcash account history is available on the Viking Card Office website Click the Online Card Office link to access your account record.  We are not permitted to provide account information by phone.

Disclosure:  Cleveland State University Viking Card Office and its personnel are not liable for financial loss or criminal repercussion associated with any lost, stolen, damaged or fraudulently used Viking Cards.  Card holders are responsible for up to $50.00 for unauthorized use of an account on a lost or stolen Viking Card provided that the card holder notifies the Viking Card Office within two (2) days of learning of the loss or theft of the card. If the card holder fails to notify the Viking Card Office of the lost card within two (2) days, the card holder bears full responsibility for the unauthorized charges.  Cardholder information is kept secure and confidential at the Viking Card ID Office.  Outside parties are not privileged to personal or account information unless express consent is granted or the University is required to comply with legal or government agencies.