Viking Card Office

Viking Card Office Equipment Check Out

The Viking Card Office manages an Attendee Tracking Systems program that provides a way for University departments to:

Take attendance data at campus events with a hand-held Viking Card ID reader iPad.


Have visitors swipe a wired card reader in your office to capture data on your visitors.

To borrow the hand-held card reader for a campus event, please contact us at least a week in advance by completing and submitting the attached form. The Viking Card Office will run a detailed report and send it via email so you know who attended your event. Equipment can be checked out by CSU Departments and Student Organizations. Checkout form is available at

For hardwired devices to be installed in your department, please contact us at least a month in advance. Network setup and installation is conducted in partnership with IS&T. We can generate automated reports customized to your needs.

Network setup charges may apply. Equipment availability is on first come first served basis.