Viking Card Office


Card Issuance

The Viking Card will be issued to you when you first register as a student at Cleveland State University or upon employment. It is your official identification card and is valid as long as you are a registered student or employed at the University. The Viking Card is also issued to individuals affiliated with Cleveland State University, based on specific criteria.

  • Students must be enrolled for classes in order to receive a Viking Card.
  • New employees are required to present a card from HR (yellow) to the Viking Card ID Office containing details about their appointment, i.e. official name, start date, 7 digit ID number, type of appointment and status.
  • The Viking Card Office will not issue an ID to employees prior to their actual payroll appointment date. Exceptions to this policy may be made for faculty and affiliates.
  • Each student, employee, and affiliate is entitled to carry only one active card. Employees who are not taking classes do not receive a student Viking Card. Individuals appointed as graduate research assistants (GA) and graduate teaching assistants (TA) are issued a student Viking Card. Emeritus and retirees of Cleveland State University are also issued a Viking Card.
  • The name printed on the Viking Card is the individual's official name as recorded in Cleveland State University databases.
  • For students, the seven digit student ID number is printed on the front of the Viking Card and is encoded on the magnetic strip on the back of the card. The social security number (SSN) is not printed on the card nor is it encoded on the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.
  • No profiles, hats, headbands, sunglasses, etc are allowed when your photograph is taken for the Viking Card.
  • The Viking Card is property of Cleveland State University and is non-transferable. It must be carried at all times and presented and/or surrendered to University officials upon request. Unauthorized use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action.
  • Your Viking Card does not expire unless you receive a card with an expiration date printed on it. If you leave the University, keep your Viking Card. It will be valid for purchases until such time a decision is made by the University to change the type of card currently being issued. It will not be valid for campus privileges unless you return to the University as an employee or registered student.
  • If your Viking Card is replaced due to theft or loss, it is de-activated and cannot be reactivated should you find it at a later date.

Lost and stolen cards

If the card is reported lost to the Viking Card Office 216.875.9888 or Online card office it is immediately deactivated and the funds are instantly protected against unauthorized use. There is a $20 replacement fee to replace the Viking Card and at time of re-issuance the account balance will be applied to the new card. Until a card is reported lost, liabilities incurred on or with the card are the responsibility of it’s rightful owner. The University is not liable for financial or criminal repercussion associated with the fraudulent use of the Viking Card.


Your first Viking Card is FREE of charge All Cardholders pay $20 for replacement of damaged, lost or stolen cards. The VIKING CARD Office does not accept police reports or case numbers. A request of a name change, resulting in the issuance of a replacement card, costs $20. If it is determined that a name is incorrect due to the University's error, no charge will be assessed to the cardholder for a replacement, when the old card is returned.

Digital Photograph

  • Your digital photograph will be printed on the face of your Viking Card and will be stored in the Viking Card database.
  • A new photo will be taken only if there has been a significant change in the card holder’s appearance.


Cleveland State University Viking Card Office and its personnel are not liable for financial loss or criminal repercussion associated with any lost, stolen, damaged or fraudulently used Viking Cards. Card holders are responsible for up to $50.00 for unauthorized use of an account on a lost or stolen Viking Card provided that the card holder notifies the Viking Card Office within two (2) days of learning of the loss or theft of the card. If the card holder fails to notify the Viking Card Office of the lost card within two (2) days, the card holder bears full responsibility for the unauthorized charges. Cardholder information is kept secure and confidential at the Viking Card ID Office. Outside parties are not privileged to personal or account information unless express consent is granted or the University is required to comply with legal or government agencies.

Magnetic Stripe

The magnetic stripe on the back of your Viking Card can be used for a variety of things: checking out materials, copying at the libraries, meal plans and food purchases, vending and bookstore purchases and banking. If you elect to use your Viking Card for banking then the Viking Card can be used as a debit card at merchant locations or as an ATM card. All banking concerns should be directed to the Huntington Bank.

Meal Plan Policy

Meal plan balance will be restored when a new card is issued

Replacement Cards and Photos Policy

  • Card Replacement fee is $20.00 and is payable at the time of re-issuance
  • Cardholders must present a current government issued photo ID when requesting a replacement card
  • Cardholders will not be allowed to wear any article of clothing or eyewear that in the- of the carding staff, will obscure his/her physical features. Any exceptions to the - judgment above will be made on a case-per-case basis.


  • Do not lend your Viking Card to others
  • Do not punch holes, affix stickers, or in any other way make modifications to your Viking Card. Such practices may create problems when trying to use your card for Official University business and /or ATM, vending or card swipe functions
  • University departments are encouraged not to retain a Viking Card in exchange for reference materials and/or product check out to an individual. If they do retain a Viking Card and would happen to lose it, they will be responsible for covering the replacement fee.
  • If a card is found, return it to Cleveland State University, Viking Card ID Office, 2121 Euclid Ave., MC112, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.