Viking Card Office

How To Get Your Viking Card

Getting your first Viking Card is easy. Just follow the steps below.

1.     Students must be part of an Orientation program or register for classes 24 hours prior to having a Viking Card created.

2.     Go to the Viking Card Office located in Main Classroom room 112

3.     Bring a Photo ID either a State ID, Drivers License, Passport or Military ID. If you do not have a government issued photo ID then a copy of your birth certificate AND social security card is acceptable. If you are under 18 or still enrolled in high school your current High School photo ID and a copy of your birth certificate OR social security card is acceptable. 

4.     Have a copy of your current semester schedule

5.     Fill out an application

6.     Your Viking Card will be issued within a few minutes of your picture being taken

7.     *Faculty/Staff will need to bring your yellow HR slip identifying you as a faculty/staff member along with a valid photo ID.

8.     If you need to replace a lost or stolen Viking Card click here