Viking Card Office

Door Access

The Viking Card has door access technology included in the card design. It works with a proximity reader to identify and allow access to authorized users without any physical contact between the card and the reader. This allows access to designated buildings on campus with the permission of your department.

  1. A Viking card will be issued by the Viking Card Office
  2. Access request form
  3. The Department of Access Control & Security Systems will activate the prox card
  4. Download Access Card rules and regulations


To enter areas for which you have authorization, just hold up your card to the reader. (You may be able to use the card from inside a holder, wallet or purse without removing it.) The light on the proximity reader will turn from red to green signifying that access has been granted and the door will unlock


If you lose your Viking Card report it immediately to the Viking Card Office 216. 875.9888 to freeze your card. If you have door access the Department of Access Control & Security Systems 216 687.5386 will also need to be contacted to deactivate your card.


  • Never prop open doors
  • Never allow tailgating
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • There is a $20 replacement fee for lost cards