Research Centers & Programs


Levin College is the largest resource in Ohio dedicated to urban policy research. Its mission is to develop innovative, quantifiable solutions to the challenges that communities face. Levin's research centers and programs have served as the focal point of applied research, technical assistance and public service in Ohio for over 35 years. Our talented pool of professional staff and scholars conduct research and provide services in city management, community development, demographic analysis, economic development, energy policy, environmental policy and management, health policy and management, nonprofit management, public financial management and public management and administration.

Research Centers and Programs

  • Center for Community Planning and DevelopmentThe Center for Community Planning and Development's mission is to strengthen the practice of planning and community development through independent research, technical assistance, and civic education and engagement. The Center works in partnership with public, private and nonprofit organizations, local governments, and development and planning professionals. 
  • Center for Economic Development: The Center for Economic Development provides research and technical assistance to government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private industry. It has served as a designated Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center, since 1985.
  • Center for Emergency Preparedness: The Center for Emergency Preparedness has been the Leader in Ohio’s emergency preparedness for over 30 years. The Center's mission is to provide the highest quality hazardous material, homeland security and business continuity training utilizing industry standards and best practices. 
  • Center for Leadership Development: The Center for Leadership Development brings together policy-makers, elected officials, senior administrators and community leaders to analyze, design and collaborate on contemporary urban issues.
  • Center for Nonprofit Policy and Practice: The Center for Nonprofit Policy and Practice arose from Levin College's involvement with community and neighborhood organizations in Cleveland dating back to the 1970s. The Center was founded to support and foster the health of the nonprofit sector through training and technical assistance, scholarly and applied research and education in the leadership and management of nonprofit organizations.
  • Center for Public Management: The Center for Public Management's mission is to serve as a resource for Ohio's state and local governments and nonprofit organizations by providing services to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of governance operations and public policy.
  • CSU-Ohio Voinovich Partnership: The purpose of the CSU-OHIO Voinovich Partnership is to provide support through a research initiative by Cleveland State University and Ohio University. Senator Voinovich served in a volunteer capacity as a Senior Fellow with Levin College, and simultaneously as the OHIO Visiting Professor of Leadership and Public Affairs with the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. 
  • Economic Inclusion Program: The Greater University Circle (GUC) Economic Inclusion program is the implementation arm of the Greater University Circle initiative. In 2005, the Cleveland Foundation convened the leaders of key anchor institutions, the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, the City of Cleveland and other partners to undertake the difficult task of creating “jobs, income and ownership opportunities” for all Greater University Circle residents.
  • Energy Policy Center: The Energy Policy Center's mission is to help overcome social and institutional barriers to the implementation of solutions to energy challenges by providing an objective channel for the free exchange of ideas, the dissemination of knowledge and the support of energy-related research in the areas of public policy, economics, business and social science.
  • Great Lakes Environmental Finance Center: The Great Lakes Environmental Finance Center is a partnership between the U.S. EPA and Levin College. Its mission is to help in the financing of investments to improve environmental quality and assure a sustainable future for regulated communities in Region 5 (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin).
  • Housing Policy Research Program: Established in 1982, The Housing Research and Policy Program goals are to develop and maintain a database of housing related information, provide reports and analyses of significant housing trends and issues, and undertake and support research that contributes to the field of urban studies and the solution of housing problems in the Cleveland area. This program is part of the Center for Community Planning and Development.
  • Levin College Forum: Known as the place "where the community gathers to discuss challenges, create opportunities, and celebrate accomplishments", the Levin College Forum Program is a catalyst for thoughtful public debate, innovative thinking, new ideas, and timely action addressing critical issues that impact Northeast Ohio. The work of the forum is based on the premise that an informed and engaged citizenry is a valuable asset for the region's future growth and prosperity. This program is part of the Center for Community Planning and Development.
  • Northern Ohio Data & Information Service (NODIS): The Northern Ohio Data and Information Service (NODIS) is designated by the State of Ohio and the U.S. Bureau of the Census as the regional data center for northern Ohio. NODIS is a leader in the use of information technology, particularly geographic information systems (GIS) and provides data analysis, mapping and programming, technical assistance, and training services.
  • Unger Program: The Unger Program serves to support and foster economic and community development  through independent research and civic education and engagement. This program is part of the Center for Community Planning and Development.

  • Water Resilient Cities ProgramUnder the guidance of Dr. Wendy Kellogg, The Water Resilient Cities Program endeavors to expand the work of Levin College in environmental policy, planning and management.