Linda Uveges

  • Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership, Levin College - Cleveland State University, 2016
  • Bachelor of Arts in Nonprofit Administration, Levin College - Cleveland State University, 2014

Where are you currently residing?
North Ridgeville, OH

Current Employment:
Position Title: Chief Operating Officer, The City Mission 

Job Duties:

  • Leading and managing a comprehensive array of services and programs; review services being offered and develop new programs as needs emerge
  • Informing the CEO, and ultimately the Board of Trustees, of all program issues and accomplishments
  • Work closely with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Development Officer (CDO); responsible for all program planning, organizing, operating, and staffing
  • Developing, implementing, and managing the program aspects of the annual budget in conjunction with the CFO and CEO, while ensuring that The City Mission's services are in compliance with all federal, state, funding, and city regulations, certifications, and licensing requirements. 
  • Providing effective and inspiring leadership, as well as stewardship, of The City Mission by being actively involved in all programs and services
  • Partnering with the CEO to represent The City Mission with external constituency groups, including community, governmental, and private organizations.

Volunteer Experience:
I began at The City Mission as a volunteer in 2003 until I was hired as a security guard in 2005. I worked in various areas within the Mission up to my current position as COO. 

Why did you decide to attend Levin?
The City Mission is blocks away from Levin. I had the option of attending other universities, but I felt Levin was affordable and accessible. 

What's your favorite Levin memory?
My favorite memory is the people I met in my classes. I learned about some amazing nonprofits and made some great connections with my professors and peers. 

What piece of advice do you have for current Levin students?
Be sure to get to know your colleagues. Network, collaborate, and learn from each other. 

What inspires you about Northeast Ohio? Why?
I am inspired by the people in NE Ohio. Cleveland is a very philanthropic community and full of nonprofits meeting critical needs in our area. The Mission was founded in 1910 and continues to exist because of people who give faithfully. We've been able to continue our ministry for almost 107 years! 

In your opinion, what’s Northeast Ohio’s best kept secret?
Our best kept secret is the great restaurant scene in Cleveland!

What issues are you passionate about/what inspires you?
Homeless men, women, and children. Breaking the cycle of poverty especially for families.

What’s one thing someone would be surprised to learn about you? 
I attended Ohio University after graduating high school in 1981. I dropped out after one semester. I didn’t return to college until 2011, which was 30 years later at Levin. I had a lot of doubts whether I could succeed after all the years I've been out of school. I started with two classes, and I loved it! This time, I was excited about learning- and was a bit more mature!