Internships and Mentoring

Student Internships and Mentoring



Levin College students are strongly encouraged to participate in internships to gain experience in their fields.

Undergraduate Internships

Undergraduate interns gain valuable work experience from external placements at a variety of public and nonprofit agencies. These internships give students the opportunity to earn academic credit and fulfill degree requirements. Students may receive a salary from their internship site.

Graduate Internships

Graduate interns may receive tuition assistance and academic credit from external placements. Graduate students are given the opportunity to gain experience and apply the knowledge they receive in their programs at a variety of public and nonprofit agencies.

Placement Sites

The Levin College of Urban Affairs is proud to offer valuable opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students to participate in an internship program. This program depends on our strong partnerships with agencies in the Cleveland region. The College believes in enabling students to pursue their career goals by gaining professional experience in urban agencies.


For more information about Levin College internship and mentoring please contact Rob Ziol.