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Levin College UST490/690 Internship Application

STOP! Only Levin College students intending to enroll in UST 490/690 should proceed. UST 490/690 is an academic class that includes an internship.

Step one: Complete and submit the form below. A copy of the form will be sent to you and the Urban College Internship coaches.  
Step two: You will be contacted by a representative from the internship program to set up a triage appointment.
Step three: You will meet with your coach who will help you prepare your resume and cover letter, along with helping you navigate the CSU CareerConnection system.  
Step four: After you finalizing your resume, and define specific areas of interest, you will meet with Alexandra Higl, the Program Manager of the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management. Identify internship opportunities and start the application process.
Step five: Once the internship is secured: you will complete the Learning Contract and Student Agreement.
Step six: Once the Learning contract has been approved, you will register for the academic course (UST 490/ UST 690).
Step seven: Once the student is officially enrolled in the class, you will meet with the Instructor of Record to discuss the course requirements.
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