Center for Public and Nonprofit Management

About Us

The Center for Public and Nonprofit Management integrates several functions within the Levin College, connecting professional development, student enrichment and faculty engagement in the areas of leadership development, management training, technical assistance, and research for the public and nonprofit sectors in NE Ohio.

The Center’s functional areas include:

Training and Development
The purpose of the Center's professional certificate programs is to provide a premier training platform for public service and nonprofit leadership and management in northeastern Ohio. The various academies focus on building leadership and management skills and assisting positive organizational change in public and nonprofit organizations. Programming for the Academies includes close connections to alumni and current students in the Levin College. The programs include:

  • The Leadership Academy: The Leadership Academy, established in 1993, is designed to bring elected and appointed public sector leaders together from across the region to explore leadership competencies from the individual, organizational and community perspective. The program includes workshops, community engagement and networking opportunities.
  • Public Management Academy: The Public Management Academy is a comprehensive management development program designed to equip employees in supervisory and managerial roles with practical skill sets to work more efficiently on a day to day basis. The core of the program centers on project management.
  • Nonprofit Development Academy: The Nonprofit Development Academy encompasses the broad spectrum of daily nonprofit organizational activities needed for sustainability and growth. Sample workshop topics include: board development, succession planning, fundraising, strategic planning, volunteer staff development, program design and implementation.

Student Enrichment
Student enrichment through learning outside the classroom is critical for today's graduates. The Levin College has eleven undergraduate and master's programs that span the public and nonprofit sectors. Center staff work closely with the CSU Office of Career Services to provide students with meaningful opportunities to engage with professionals in public and nonprofit organizations across the fields embodied in the various academic degree programs. Many of these professionals are prior Academy participants.

Student enrichment opportunities for Levin College and CSU students is facilitated through three activity areas:

  • Mentoring: The mentoring program matches current undergraduate and graduate students with executive level public and non-profit sector leaders based on each student's career aspirations. The program runs the duration of the academic year and includes individual mentoring sessions, monthly on-campus group activities, network events and career development sessions.
  • Internships: Students are placed in semester long internship assignments in government, nonprofit and community based organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. The placements include a specific assigned project and deliverables that work in concert with their academic programming. The students are required to work a specified number of hours in the field along with the completion of an academic course that includes individual reflection to connect classroom learning with professional practice.

The Center engages with academic programs to integrate classroom and experiential learning. Students develop and document knowledge attained through academic courses, competencies attained through internships, and connections made through mentoring and academy fellowships.

Technical Assistance/Applied Research
The Center provides technical assistance to organizations on a contract basis, focusing on strategic planning, organizational development, board development, fundraising, succession planning and other organization and leadership-focused aspects. Center staff and faculty affiliates conduct applied research for public and nonprofit organizations through grants and contracts.

The Center's faculty affiliates conduct basic research on governance and the role and function of the public and nonprofit sectors in NE Ohio and the nation. Research topics cover a range of policy areas including city management, urban policy, community planning, environmental policy, education policy and nonprofit administration, Faculty affiliates coordinate with center staff to identify priority research topics.

Advisory Committee
The Center is guided by an advisory committee consisting of stakeholders from various nonprofit and government entities reflecting the Center's functional areas and program offerings. The committee will offer guidance that will be used to develop the portfolio of programming and ensure that the Center is meeting the needs of stakeholders in the region and engage them in the life of the Center and the Levin College.