Center for Leadership Development

Cleveland Management Academy Alumni Directory

Participant information is current as/of academy session.

Name Academy Title Agency
Andrew R. Cross I Traffic Engineer Division of Traffic Engineering
Bob Romoga I Lieutenant Cleveland Division of Police, Chiefs Office
Catherine Troy I Internal Audit Dept. of Finance
Charisse Dawson I Caseworker Supervisor Community Relations Dept.
David Hearne I Chief of Engineering Division of Air Quality
DeAndrea Pruitt I Assistant Contract Compliance Officer Office of Equal Opportunity
Delphia Clemons I Administrative Manager Department of Personnel & Human Resources
Diane Cartellone I Deputy Chief, Business Development & Management Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Guy Singer I   Distribution System Engineering Services
Jason Edens I Sergeant Cleveland Division of Police, 3rd District Police Station
Jennifer Wiman I Assistant Contract Compliance Officer Office of Equal Opportunity
Jonathon Vrabel I Deputy Commissioner, Airport Security Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Kevyn R. Shaw I Project Coordinator City of Cleveland - Dept. of Finance
Khalil M. Ewais I Administrator of Engineering & Planning Department of Public Service, Division of Engineering & Construction
Kimalon Meriweather I Project Director Lead Safe Living Campaign, Cleveland Department of Public Health
Kimberly Roy Wilson I Project Manager Division of Information Technology and Services
Lisa Kassouf I Project Coordinator Department of Aging
Mary McNamara I Project Coordinator Department of Aging
Matt Rosing I Grants Administrator Division of Health
Michael O'Connell I Building Inspector Department of Building & Housing
Michelle A. Kenney I Fiscal Manager Cleveland Public Power
Navid Hussain I Deputy Project Director Department of Building & Housing, Division of Construction Permitting
Nicole A. Carlton I Deputy Commissioner EMS
Nycole D. West I Acting Labor Relations Manager Department of Personnel & Human Resources
Rachid Zoghaib I Deputy Commissioner Water Pollution Control
Robert F. Masseria I Administrative Manager Cleveland City Hall
Sharyna Cloud I Project Coordinator Community Relations Dept.
Sophia Watkins I Administrative Manager Division of Streets
Traci Clark I Deputy Chief, Planning & Engineering Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Alfredia Livingston II   Division of Parking Facilities
Andrienne Nickerson II   Division of Waste Collection
Annette Abranovich II   HRIS Systems
Chris Boles II   Division of Neighborhood Services
Crystal Lozoway-Patterson II   Division of Streets
Daniel Fay II   Division of Police
Denita Bonhart II Administration Public Utilities
Dennis Savas II   Port Control
Emily Lighty II   Division of Waste Collection
Freddy Collier II   City Planning
Glenn Murray II   Construction permitting
Jesus Rodriguez II   Administrative Services
Joelita Patterson II Payroll / HR Workforce Development
Kandie Ezell II   Office of the Director
Kurt Shoaff II   Division of Park Maintenance
Lawrence C. Haley Jr. II   Division of Park Maintenance
Maryann Fields II   Division of Recreation
Michel Wilcox Sr. II   Division of Recreation
Monica Madej II   Division of Internal Audit
Peter Malobabic II   Division of Police
Phyllis Jackson II   Port Control
Rebecca Lombardo II   Office of the Director
Robert Fitzpatrick II   Division of Recreation
Samuel Gissentaner II   Division of Recreation
Scott Loomis II   Division of Printing
Tammy Hanna II   Community Relations Board
Thomas Vanover II   Code Enforcement
Tiffany White II   Division of ITS
Valencia White II   Division of Health