What's it like studying at Levin?


Liu Shiqin (Shirley), 2+2 in Urban Studies (Public Management)

What do you enjoy most about studying at the Levin College?

What I enjoy the most is that I have freedom to choose the courses that I would to focus on. Professors in our college [are] great and open-minded, they are really willing to help you out if you have any questions. Also we have an adviser here to help us choose the courses, making it more clear to understand what we need.

Tell us about what classes are like at the Levin College.

Classes at the Levin College are really engaging and diverse. You can see many classmates from different ages, different majors, different color and different religious. Every class is a great chance for people to broaden their horizons. Students are really engaging in the classes, which will push you to focus and learn.  

How can a SCUT student prepare for studying in the United States?

Be ready to prepare your English skills is the first and the most important thing before coming to America. In addition, it would be better if students understand what are required to learn and what they want to make change after they come to America. Just be responsible to yourself. 

Tell us about a meaningful/significant experience you have had in Cleveland.

Studying in Cleveland gives me a chance to experience the culture and festivals in America. In some important festivals here like Christmas and Thanksgiving, we have a chance to be invited to a local family to spend the time with them, to experience the tradition. We share dinner, exchange gifts, and play games, which is so impressive and unforgettable. People are so nice and friendly here.  

What is one thing you wish you had known before you came to Cleveland/ United States?

Life is not that difficult in Cleveland. If you miss your hometown, we have several Asian markets and a bunch of Chinese restaurants around within 20 minutes’ walk. CSU is located in the downtown area so there are also many fun things around.  

Niu ZhongRan (Adrian), 2+2 in Urban Studies (Public Management)

If you could tell your classmates one thing about the Levin College/CSU what would you tell them?

There are many opportunities that can help you explore the real world while studying at the Levin College. Students here have an earlier chance to apply for the Internship program, in which you can go to companies/organizations to gain working experience and know more people. It is a great chance for you to explore your vision and concentration.

What do you enjoy most about studying at the Levin College?

Countless activities and programs you can take to enhance your ability. I like the Mentor Program in our college. An outstanding mentor will assist you with their experience and knowledge. It increased my visibility and connections to professionals within a career path, preparing me for professional business society. Our college also helps us develop professional networking opportunities.

Why should a student come to CSU and study at the Levin College?

Levin College is a great place for people to engage with their studies. It is famous for its city management and urban policy major, and is ranked among the top public affairs graduate schools. There are many opportunities for students to pursue their goals. There are great advisors for you to make your study plan. Rachel, my best advisor, provided me support with major decisions concerning degree plans and career goals. You can always find a way to focus in Levin College.

How is CSU different from SCUT?

In SCUT, students have all the same classmates in different classes and learn the same thing. However at CSU students will meet many different students in different classes. Students have different religions, different backgrounds, and different cultures; it is like a small diversity society. This can help you to improve your communication skills and is of great benefit to your future career. At the Levin College, students can easily interact with their professors. You can meet many great professors with high academic achievement. Professors can give you a better understanding of our major and provide direction to what interests you and how your interests can be part of your future.

How can a SCUT student prepare for studying in the United States?

Three words for students to prepare to study in United States: English, Independent and Achieve. English could be one of the most important things you should improve in United States. It is important for learning, working and living. Then, being independent. Learn to be independent requires you to consider things individually and maturely. Most of us are independent child in the family, we should learn to live by our own. The last word is achieve. Try your best to achieve goals and dreams. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it’s not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.