Levin College Faculty

The Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs teaches men and women how to work effectively for positive change in the communities of Northeast Ohio. By blending a broad understanding of the urban environment with advanced problem-solving skills, urban affairs graduates qualify for a variety of positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Research undertaken through the college directly links the university with the concerns of the Cleveland metropolitan area.

Both the instructional and research programs of the college are interdisciplinary in character, drawing on resources and specialized skills throughout the university. Adjunct faculty from community agencies and government supplements the full-time faculty and staff of the college.

Levin College graduates are engaged in city planning, program development, community organizing, public safety and homeland security, nonprofit administration, environmental and sustainability policy development and analysis, public finance and economic development. Many graduates have found the urban affairs majors to be a strong foundation for advanced study in law, urban planning, public administration, or environmental policy and management.

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Department Chair

UR 308, 216.687.5265

Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Mary Myers
UR 210, 216.687.2138

Graduate Advising

UR 209, 216.523.7522

Undergraduate Programs 
(Academic Issues & Internships)

UR 216, 216.523-7574

MAES Director

UR 220, 216.687.2367

MPA Director

UR 320, 216.802.3389

MSUS Director

UR 350, 216.875.9980

MUPD Director

Webster (Director) 
UR 222, 216.802.3386

Ph.D. Director

MNAL Director

UR 317, 216.687.5165

Assistant Dean of Student Services

UR 208, 216.687.2034

College Admissions Recruiter

Director, Student Internship & Mentoring

Rob Ziol
UR 211, 216.687.3509