Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center


Cleveland State’s Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center is a part of the Department of Student Life and provides programs, services and referrals to CSU students focusing on three areas: women students, returning adult students and students who are parents.  The Center, in MC 142, provides a safe, supportive atmosphere for students and advances the University’s mission by providing students with exceptional services and individual attention to help overcome barriers to success.

For information on the Return to Learn and other Women’s Center programs and services please call or visit

Contact information:
CSU Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center
2121 Euclid Avenue, MC 142
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

Please note:  There have been several changes in the Women’s Center during the past several months.  First, the Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center is now a part of Student Life and not a part of Undergraduate Studies.  Secondly, the Women’s Comprehensive Program no longer exists.  The Women’s Center and Women’s Studies are completely separate. 
Finally, we have a new web address:

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