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Course Descriptions

CSC 121 Career Orientation (1-0-1). Prerequisite for entry into the Cooperative Education Program, but open to all students. Covers policies and procedures of the Cooperative Education Program, orientation to career decision-making, personal evaluation, interviewing techniques, resume preparation, and job-market trends. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis only. Return to top

CSC 224 Career Exploration (3-0-3). Designed to help students explore the world of work, their skills and interests, job-search strategies, and the relationship between various college majors and careers. Highly recommended for undeclared/undecided students. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis only. Return to top

CSC 300 Co-op Field Experience (1-0-1). Required of and limited to students on co-op work assignments in all colleges. One hour of credit is awarded for each successful assignment completed. This credit is not counted toward the number of hours needed for graduation but it will add academic hours to a student's credit total and enhance career preparedness. Return to top

CSC 321 Employment Strategies (1-0-1). Designed to prepare juniors, seniors, and graduate students for an effective job search. Covers a range of related subjects: taking personal inventory, initiating a personal job campaign, resume preparation, telephone techniques, accessing the hidden job market, salary negotiations, networking, interviewing, follow-up measures, and strategies to enhance on-the-job success. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis only. Return to top

CSC 400 Co-op Field Experience (1-0-0). Special field assignment for students who have completed prior co-op requirements or who participate in community work study. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis only. Return to top

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