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The Summer Transition Enrichment Program (STEP) is a six-week college academic readiness program for incoming freshmen of Cleveland State University:

Track 1: Any new CSU students who are entering Fall 2021 and have placed into Math 87 and/or ENG 100.

Track 2: Any college ready, new CSU students who need BIO 100 or BIO 200 in the fall.


All STEP students will be enrolled in ASC 101-Introduction to University Life.


Program Dates/Times:

June 28, 2021 - August 6, 2021

Monday - Friday

Day & Evening and Remote & In-person options will be offerered

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for these synchoronus lecture and SI sessions


Program Benefits:

  • Experience of a structured online learning environment
  • Successful completion of their first online course(s)
  • Guided transition into college with techniques to improve study skills
  • Completion of MTH 84 & ENG 110 prepares students for college-level courses in the fall
  • Earn credit for Intro to University Life - ASC 100
  • Potential opportunity to start Intro BIO (BIO 200) in the fall rather than BIO 100
    • Instructors will assess the BIO 100 students at the end of the program to determine if those students can bypass BIO 100 and enroll in BIO 200 in the fall
  • Completion of ASC 100:
    • Free up schedules for other classes in the fall
    • Gives participants an introduction to Cleveland State University resources
    • Helps create realistic expectations about academic requirements for university students
    • Transition participants from high school to college


Program Cost: