Transfer Module

Transfer Students Appeals Process On Transfer Credit Applicability

Cleveland State University observes all the rules and procedures stipulated by the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Policy. In particular, we accept all the transfer courses of college level and their credits from other duly accredited public institutions of higher education in Ohio.
At Cleveland State University, we offer the following three stages of appeals that you may pursue in case you are not satisfied at some of our initial decisions on transfer credit applicability:
First Stage: File an appeal with The Advising Center within 90 days from receipt of this office’s notification of your transfer-credit applicability. There isn’t any particular form for this process; you just submit an explanation of your view, together with supporting material that you consider relevant. This office will respond to your appeal within 30 days from receipt of the appeal.
Second Stage: If you are not satisfied at the decision from the First Stage process, you may file an appeal with the University Petitions Committee. For this, you have to use and complete the specific form required by the committee. This committee will also respond to your appeal within 30 days.
Third Stage: If the Second Stage decision again is not to your satisfaction, the Cleveland State University Office of Academic Affairs will conduct a final institutional review of your case. If this review results in endorsing the earlier decisions on your appeal and if you challenge this judgment, you may exercise your right to file an appeal with the State Appeals Review Committee of the Ohio Board of Regents. If you opt to take up this State appeals process, the Office of Academic Affairs will provide you with the officer’s name and the address to which appeals may be sent. This Third Stage process will be completed within 30 days from its beginning.