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Nano-engineered ultra-conductive nanocomposite copper wire

Short Description

A groundbreaking, novel method and apparatus for manufacturing ultra-conductive and/or ultra-strong nano-composite wire.


A nanocomposite wire has been developed that has the highest absolute and specific electrical conductivities of any known material on earth, including silver. The combination of coating and the high-pressure die casting process yields an intimate electrical interaction between the nanotubes and copper, which enables some of the nanotubes to display individual ballistic properties.


Dr. Taysir Nayfeh, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Anita M. Wiederholt, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Commercial Applications

  • Enabling technology to make high performance, light electrical motors for use in aircrafts, electric cars, electric submarines, and all other modes of transportation that are weight and size sensitive.

  • Touches every aspect of electrical machines.


  • Significantly higher conductivity than pure metals.

  • Improves the weight/power performance of electric motors.                                        

  • Reduces the size and weight of motors and reduce the losses in electrical power lines.

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Related IP

Provisional application No. 61/424,218, filed on Dec. 17, 2010.


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